API for Developers

OffiServ API is an open API that allows access to the service using programming interface. Developers can acquire data from the service, manipulate it and also invoke actions. OffiServ API is based on REST model and uses JSON for data formats.


Access to system is available only to authenticated users. Authentication employs form + cookie approach. To make data safe all requests sent to the service must use HTTPS protocol.

Sign in procedure

The URI for sign in form is /data/login. Send POST json body with fields email and password to get a cookie. Returned cookie should be included in subsequent request to the service.

curl -v -X POST -c cookies.txt
     -d '{"email": "roger.soon@siegebank.com", "password": "123"}'

Service resources roots and formats

Sections below presents formats that are used in various resources in the service. They can be manipulated via API. The resources are hierarchical. There are defined several roots of resources:

  • /data/companies/my - GET method returns an organization of currently signed in user
  • /data/users/me - GET method returns currently signed in user


FieldDescriptonFormat / Type
uriURI zasobyreference to Organization
namename of organizationstring
employeesCountcount of employeesint
domaindomain of organization, only for Google Appsstring
adminslist of admin userslist of Users
createddate of sign upstring
countrycountry of organizationstring
timezonetime zone of organizationstring
featureslist of enabled features in OffiServlist of strings

curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -v -X GET


FieldDescriptonFormat / Type
uriresource URIstring
firstnamefirst namestring
lastnamelast namestring
phonedesk phone numberstring
mobilemobile phone numberstring
managerUriURI to managerreference to User
displayNamedisplayable name of userstring
reportslist of subordinateslist of Users
roleslist of roles fulfiled by userlist of strings
idinternal id of userstring
ticketsUriuser's tickets URIreference to Tickets
reservationsUriuser's reservations URIreference to Reservations
lendingsUriuser's lendings URIreference to Reservations
outgoingTicketsUriuser's outgoing tickets URIreference to Tickets
incomingTicketsUriuser's incoming tickets URIreference to Tickets
leavesForApprovalUrileave requests to user for approval URIreference to Tickets
singleTicketUriURI to single ticketreference to Ticket
keptResourcesUriURI to kept resourcesreference to Resources
keptResourcesReservationsHistoryUriURI to history of kept resourcesreference to History
approversChainUrilist of user's approversreference to Users
uris.reminders.UserRemindersURI to user's reservations and lendingsreference to Resources
keeperLendingsUriURI to keeper landingsreference to Resources
filtersUriURI top filtersreference to Filters
companyUriURI to organizationreference to Organization
leavesUriURI to user's leave requestsreference to LeaveRequests
leaveDaysLimitsUriURI to limits of leave daysreference to LeaveDaysLimits

curl -b cookies.txt -c cookies.txt -v -X GET


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