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OffiServ helps Employees in daily issues like: get help for a computer, plan and approve absences, make a purchase order or book shared resources.

Offiserv supports also Project Managers and Employers in scheduling resources for the projects and having everything under control.

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What is OffiServ?

Absence management

A key member of your project team took a vacation and you know nothing about it?

You have just received a call from HR department that Mike took a vacation. He won’t be available at work for over the next two weeks! He is taking part in a very important project of which you are the project manager. This can strongly affect the deadlines which are already heavily tight. How to avoid such problems?

OffiServ Absence Management provides you the right tools to manage absences in your company. All the important information is just one click away: who is currently unavailable from your company or team and what are the yearly vacation plans of your employees. With OffiServ you will efficiently manage your team’s absences and align with tasks in your projects on daily basis. Forget about surprises - you can create, check and have an influence on absence plan.

OffiServ Absence Management
OffiServ Purchase Orders Management

Purchase Orders Management

Your team members need new tools for the job? How to make a purchase order?

Jane, who was just hired for your project, needs a notebook and a tablet, indispensable tools to do her tasks. Unfortunately these resources are out of stock. You have to initiate the purchase of these items for her. How to do that?

Employees should have appropriate tools to do their job. With OffiServ Purchase Orders Management you can request a purchase and assign the costs to the proper project. Your purchase request, possibly after your supervisor’s acceptance, will be routed directly to Purchase Manager which will handle the process. In the meantime you can easily check the current status of your purchase request.


Resource management

“I was here first”! How to solve sharing issues?

You have already received the tools purchased for Jane, unfortunately it turns out that there are different people who have similar needs. Jane has to share with her colleagues, but there is not that simple as the others would also like to offhand borrow or book this tool. Oh yes - you know the situation! The same occurs often in the case of the conference room where different meetings and negotiations with various clients are planned at the same time. So how to reconcile one with another?

Resource Management is an essential part of work on a project, in which different materials are used. OffiServ helps plan activities with additional elements such as a projector, a meeting room, a company car. Thanks to rapid and efficient communication you can make reservations, for one special occasion and make permanent reservations for recurring needs. OffiServ Resource Management, where you can easy check if someone is currently using the item which you need, helps you plan your activities and take immediate measures. OffiServ gives everyone real-time access to different tools so that they can easily check their availability and their quantity in stock. What's more you will always receive an email alert with reminder so that you will never miss your reservation or to pick up your resource. Do not get caught off guard!

OffiServ Resource Management
OffiServ Help Desk

Help Desk

Your computer is not working properly or you have another issue with your workplace?

Today is a big day. Jane starts working on your project. All the equipment you had ordered arrived on time and it’s ready to be set-up on the workplace. Unluckily there is a problem with Internet connectivity for the new employee. What a bad luck! You need to solve this problem as soon as possible to get the whole project back on track.

OffiServ provides Help Desk feature out-of-the-box. It can be used as a single point of contact (SPoC) for all the issues around your company. Simple request form allows reporting to Support Team an issue with your computer or other resource. In the blink of an eye your request will go to the appropriate person responsible for its solution. You won't waste unnecessarily your time which you have to spend for the success of the project.


HR Services

You have an urgent problem to report to Human Resources Department?

Jane is bravely working on the project, has all the necessary tools, a great contact with customers and colleagues from her team. It turns out, however, that she forgot to deliver to the HR Department relevant documents when she began the new job... And the last thing she has time for is to run to the HR Department just before the presentation of the project! How to help to solve this problem?

With the OffiServ application form dedicated to the HR Department you can save a lot of time and nerves! The clear form can adequately describe the issue and specify it's severity and category. You will easily pinpoint the issue, that is immediately sent to the HR Department, so its solution will be fast and accurate.

OffiServ HR Services

OffiServ has become an integral part of managing our resources and supplies. This product has been good for my school to keep track of resources. Not a day goes by without us accessing the site.
I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

David Hollander, Williamsburg Preparatory High School

We are using OffiServ to manage holidays of our employees, and we are very pleased with the software.

Francisco Costa, Odisseias Experiências

It is a great tool, especially for small businesses.

Bruno Petla


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