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Rock your projects
Easy and affordable tool to manage your entire projects portfolio


Plan and control your projects portfolio

You can simply plan all your organization. No limit for a number of projects! The simple process ensures that everyone knows what needs to be done.

Dashboards under your control

Dashboards and reports are indispensable at CEO or PMO level. FoxyTasks gives you a live view on how your projects are going.

Plan the projects - assign responsibility

Plan the projects in your portfolio and assign responsible Project Managers and team members.

Prospects included

Prospects are projects that might be started in future so plan what you know now and go ahead! With FoxyTasks you won't need to have two separate tools and you can forget about joining data manually when reporting issues.

Budget is important!

Surprisingly, most of the online project management tools focus on tasks only, while the bottom line is one of the most important outcome of virtually every project.

Incomes forecasting

Incomes in the projects are critical for your cashflow and financial liquidity. Plan your incomes in FoxyTasks to keep track on your budget and ensure that on the end of year your statement will look how it should.

Costs planning and tracking

Costs control allows to avoid negative bottom line of the project, but is often a donkey work, tedious and uphill.

FoxyTasks provides you with a planning costs tool and an efficient expenditures tracking tool, tightly integrated with the project. Additionally, purchase orders approval work flow ensures that the spendings are under control and are automatically included in projects costs.

Coarse cashflow analysis

While having incomes and costs, it’s much more simple to check a cashflow of the project or the whole portfolio. It is a good thing to see your forecasts live on a chart, isn’t it?


Team Management

Watch your team’s absences

More or less unexpected absence of a key team member is one of the most common reasons of project failure. Accidents happen, but often it is just a matter of a good vacations plan, well aligned with your projects deadlines. FoxyTasks gives you an excellent absence planner and unexpected holidays will not ruin your carefully prepared tasks schedule anymore.


Define Goals, Milestones and Tasks

This is the core of the project planning. Whether you do scrum, you have signed off Agile Manifesto or just received PMP certificate, you have some decomposition work to do in your project when you start it.

Up-to-date status

Once you defined the tasks, every team member can update their status. Emails, even from the customers, can also be attached as comments to the tasks. Nice dashboards show the projects progress and escalate important issues.

Customer Collaboration

Engage your customers

Do you prepare a project for an outside customer or a remote business department? Invite your business partners to the collaboration. Transparency in your projects increases trust, engagement and probability of project success.

Form a real cross-organizational project team in FoxyTasks. Assign tasks to customer’s representatives, they will be grateful that they don’t need to remember what to do or note the tasks by themselves.

Cost-free customer accounts

By the way, you can engage your customers at no extra cost! A pool of customer accounts is provided free with your subscription.

Documents as products of tasks

There’s no need to learn another documents management system. FoxyTasks integrates smoothly with Google Drive. Work with your Google Drive while FoxyTasks wraps your documents up in context of the project.

Book conference rooms for meetings

There is nothing more annoying than finding out that you have no place to meet with your team for a kick-off or status update. FoxyTasks has a nice, simple module for booking a conference room, projectors or any shared stuff.

Want to try a combination of simplicity and designer look?